To Know Him and To Make Him Known
To Know Him and To Make Him Known
To Know Him and To Make Him Known

Holy Week Worship Week

April 17, Maundy Thursday

Bloomington Lutheran Church

Noon and 7:00pm Worship


Living Hope Lutheran Lutheran

7:00pm Worship


April 18, Good Friday

Bloomington Lutheran Church

Noon and 6:00pm Worship


Living Hope Lutheran Church

6:00pm Worship


April 19

Bloomington Lutheran Church

6:00pm Worship 


Living Hope Lutheran Church

6:00pm Worship


April 20, Easter Sunday

Bloomington Lutheran Church 

6:00am (Sunrise Service), 8:00am and 10:30am (Easter Services)

7:00am - Easter Breakfast


Living Hope Lutheran Church

8:00am (Church for Young Families) and 10:00am (Easter Service)

9:00am - Potluck Easter Breakfast


April 21

No Worship Service


Easter Sunday Breakfast at BLC and LH

For attendees of Living Hope on Easter Sunday, please plan to join us at 9:00am for an Easter Potluck. Bring your friends and your whole family and a dish or two to share!

For those attending Bloomington Lutheran Church on Easter Sunday, the Pioneers are serving a breakfast with a free will offering (not a potluck). The breakfast will be at 7:00am, in between the 6:00am Sunrise Service and the 8:00am Easter Service. If you are able, please sign up on the flower chart bulletin board at BLC to provide baked goods for the Pioneers to serve, as we are in need of additional food.

Staffed Nursery Available at Living Hope

Church volunteers are available to care for children 35 months old and younger during the Sunday, 10:00am services.

To join the volunteer staff, contact the Bloomington Lutheran Church office at 952-888-2475 for more information.

Order your Easter Plants

Please consider purchasing Easter plants to beautify our altar on Easter. Plants may taken home after the Easter Services. 

6" Easter Lily - $6.50
6.5" Oriental Lily - $15.00
6.5" Mum - $9.00
6" Azalea - $13.50

Sign up sheets and payment envelopes are both church locations.

BLH Photo Directory -

if you'd like your picture taken, but didn't make it to our sessions at BLC or LH, you can still be included. Please go to the Lifetouch link to see what other local churches are having sessions. You can sign up and with our special code, you'll still be included in our album. Deadline for pictures is June 15. and follow instructions to find a location.

when you check in at your photo appointment.